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科為工業股份有限公司 位於台灣台中市. 專長於各種刀具產品及配件之開發製造、多元化服務客戶經驗的專業製造商。 工廠設於台灣台中和中國廣東,以滿足全球客戶對產品的廣泛需求。


歡迎您參考我們目錄上的現有產品系列。 或者,當然也非常感謝能成為您的OEM合作夥伴。
如果您有任何需求, 非常歡迎您在任何時間與我們聯繫.



CUTTWAY PRODUCTS CO., LTD. originated in Taichung, Taiwan is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and customer service of diversified cutlery knives and accessories for years. It’s facilities locate in both Taichung, Taiwan and Guangdong, China to satisfy the wide range of product demands for the clients worldwide.

Dedicated to the designing innovation, strong engineering capability, advanced manufacturing equipment, strict quality management and thoughtful customer service, the well-experienced and trained CUTTWAY team is no doubt capable of carrying out your marketing requirements and to assure full customer satisfaction.

You are invited to enrich your product line from our open knife styles in this brochure. Or the OEM partnership for your special models is also much appreciated, of course.
Welcome to contact us about your demand and request anytime.

Your faithfully,
Race Wu